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  • Wisdom, Optimism, and Stories

    Planning stages

    A long form conversational podcast where folks share their wisdom, optimistic views of the future, and stories from their life. Video and audio podcast.

  • Steal My Idea

    2015 - 2017

    Serial tech entrepreneurs and best friends Dave and Nick talk about the ideas they create but do not have time to implement. Rapid fire idea pitches and ratings based on criteria like social impact, time to market, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Audio only podcast.

Areas of Interest

  • Education

    I'm interested in most areas of learning and how we share knowledge with kindness as a society.

    Professionally, I work with Khan Academy, a non-profit providing free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere.

    Includes: mastery based learning, project based learning, striking the right balance of joy and interest in a subject, compassionate & supportive ways of evaluating progress and achievement.

  • Utopic Society

    My life has been deeply inspired by Star Trek TNG. An optimistic vision of our future full of equity, collaboration, and betterment for all has guided a lot of my career.

    I read and have a lot of interest in talking about different initiatives and projects we can collectively build to have a more uptopic society.

    Includes: co-housing & community building, shared resources, electric micro-grids (solar & battery), micro forests and biodiversity, permaculture, resource sharing, knowledge sharing, co-parenting, small governance structures.

  • Fitness & Longevity

    I strive to live a long & full life and want the same for everyone. I learn and put into practice actions and behaviour changes to improve my longevity.

    Includes: meditation, Wim Hof breathing, many forms of physical fitness, intermittent fasting, high quality sleep, cold showers, ecstatic dance, yoga & foam rolling, nutrition & supplementation.