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Hi there,
I graduated with my Honors Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Waterloo on Sept 2011 and I have 6 years of computer science experience. I started two businesses with my good friend David (we sold the first one), and I'm currently working with Practice Fusion, a healthcare, digital health record company with over 110,000 doctors on our platform.

PHP, Facebook API, C# (multi-threaded), CSS & HTML, Jquery & Javascript and Ember (JS framework), SQL, SEO, and Creating Complete Browser & Device Compatible HTML Email Templates.
Still improving: iOS, Adwords & Analytics, and Windows Phone 7 Development.

Harder To Measure
Startup Driven: I can work the longer, wonkier hours for those all important pushes (at Lifecrowd I work 8am-8pm, sometimes longer if necessary). I also have had some great startup experiences with my business partner, from pitching in front of 100ish people to creating a bidding war between competitors that ended with us selling our business.
Adaptable & Flexible: I have experience with sales and smart cold calling (7% success rate), I have created sales pitches, and written development docs.
Minimalistic: I am no stranger to: changing roles, pivoting companies, and moving to a different location (on average, I've moved every 5 months over the past 5 years because of my 6 different internships).
Fun-loving personality: Please see personal & professional references.

I would love to speak with you about your projects and how I can help: nick@nickbreen.ca or nicholasbreen on skype!

Nick Breen

Bowties are cool..
"It is pleasant at times to play the madman." - Seneca

"Life has to be more than about solving problems, you know, if all life was about, was solving problems, why bother getting up in the morning? There have to be things that inspire you, that make you proud to be apart of humanity" - Elon Musk