You want to know what kind of a person I am. You may be thinking: "Sure, Nick is technically competant, but is he a good fit with my company culture?".
I hope this page can help answer that question. This page is devoted to what people have said about me.

Professional References



    Nick led the completion of bi-directional appointment booking from a UI perspective. This demonstrated his ability to successfully estimate and deliver across multiple milestones, including cross-functional and cross-team dependencies. His dedication and focus were central to the completion of this complex feature that spanned both Pracman and Consumer teams.

    Nick formed the UI Testing WG, and planned a solid roadmap for the next 6 months. For the rest of the year, he continued to successfully drive the completion of tasks within the roadmap, building a comprehensive test framework which has been invaluable to the UI team and resulted in exponential growth of tests within Carbon. In less than 2 months, the number of has tests grown from 49 to 250+. In addition to the tools added by the working group (endpoint mocking, coverage reports, Jenkins reporting, test helpers), Nick provided extensive resources on the Wiki to help educate the team on testing, and held several Ember Bites training sessions.

    He sees the silver lining in every change that happens within the company, and never fails to distribute his enthusiasm amongst the team, which serves as a morale booster to all around him. He is very inclusive and considerate, and always the first to ensure that new people are welcomed, and remote team members are appropriately considered in meetings.

    Friends / Colleagues:

    His organizational skills are formidable, and his dedication to personal productivity and planning are a true inspiration. He is constantly re-evaluating both his own performance and the progress of the team, and he doesn't hesitate to advocate for improvements to the sprint process.

    Nick is a delight to work with. He is relentlessly exuberant, yet somehow still in touch with and sensitive to the mood of the team.

    Nick is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people that I have ever worked with. He is passionate about his work and it shows.

    Nick's positive disposition is always helpful and sets a great example for the rest of his team and the company in general.

    Overall Performance Evaluation: Outstanding.

    Nick was an absolute pleasure to work with this term. He had integrated himself marvelously with our development team, and his contributions both work related and interpersonally, will be missed. Nick has exceeded our expectations in every way, in the areas of independence, and retention of new methodologies and programming techniques. Nick has consistently carried himself with professionalism and amicability form entire term here at Environment Canada, and we wish him luck in his future endeavors. Nick has consistently proven and reproven his worth with our development team here at Environment Canada. His ability to retain newly acquired knowledge and apply it in a work situation is second to none. Nick's exceptional work ethic and commitment to his job this past winter semester has established him as one of the best students we've ever hired. We would be ecstatic if Mr. Breen would return to work with us for another term, where he could once again be a valuable resource to our team.

    Overall Performance Evaluation: Excellent.

    Learns very quickly and very thorough. Very keen and enthusiastic. Showed a great ability to quickly learn not only the code/procedures, but the product. Found and fixed issues not even directly associated with immediate issues.

    Overall Performance Evaluation: Outstanding.

    He is a quick learner and a quick thinker. He is constantly asking questions so he knows the "whole story" and can come up with a correct resolution to a problem. He works well with others and listens attentively. He would make a great addition to any company. As mentioned previously, Nick has had a very heavy workload. He has listened very attentively and kept an updated priority list of tasks. He was given a very heavy workload, but was able to complete just about everything. He has done extensive documentation and kept good notes for the next students to follow him. He will go far with these skills.

Personal References

All of these references can be found on my Couch surfing profile.
  • From Robert

    Both Nick and David were thoughtful and considerate Couch surfers. They are welcome back here any time. Both intelligent young men willing to share their experiences and eager to hear of the experiences of others. It was fun having them here.

  • From Amelia
    Nick was definitely a valuable addition to the party, and in the words of another guest was very charismatic and charming. He suffered the terrible chore of having to join in with a massive Christmas dinner I was throwing... although didn't get my sarcasm when I referred to this as a chore in my couch acceptance. Hehe. Whatever he says, he carves a turkey very well, and was a fantastic and invaluable help the next day cleaning up. Hope the rest of your stay in Glasgow was equally eventful, and that we'll bump into each other on the road someday, or maybe in Canada. It was a pleasure to host you.
  • From Tim
    Nick and his friend stayed one night at my house on their way through town. Nick is a very trustworthy guy and easy to get along with, very easy going as well. They were clean and helped out when and with whatever they could. It was great meeting and hosting yall. Best of luck in yall's travels. p.s. that wasn't gumbo...was just stew.
  • From Mashav
    Nick is a really sweet guy, likes to go out dancing but also kinda nerdy: if you mention star trek he won't stop talking but in a charming way. My time with him was really fun and I wish he would stay longer! He's kind and polite and I would totally recommend hosting him.
  • From Ellen Ferrier
    oh what a sweety!! we had a great time together and he was a perfect guest. we ate, drank and were merry! (he made me an incredible omelette with lots of teeny weeny pieces of goodness!). Nick is generous and good to talk to about life in general. he is a god advice giver and listener, and played a fun game with me involving white rooms, cubes and horses :) glad i had the opportunity to meet you!! x
  • From Micah
    Nick and David were about as good as it can get for a host. The guys were polite as could be and were very appreciative and cognizant of my house rules. At the end of the night, Nick and I delved into a deep conversation, including the size of the universe! What a great time! Fun was had by all, and I look forward to meeting up with Nick and David later on up the road.
  • From Joe
    Nick, his friend David, Myself and my daughter had a really good time hanging out and chillun together. Nick (& David) are bright, energetic lads with a lot on the ball. We talked a lot about business, psychology and general stuff. These guys are highly trustworthy and responsible not to mention fun to be around ... take care guys .. travel safe .. peace, joey
  • From David
    I have known Nick for a couple of years, and have lived with him and couch surfed with him. He is friendly, extremly curious about the world, and is entertained merely by the company of others. He is a great roommate, and equally responsible couch surfer.
  • From RUSS888
    Nick and his friend, David, were awesome guests. They emailed me well in advance, and arrived exactly when they said they would. They both joined me at my friend's birthday party and we had some great conversation afterward. I wish I could have stayed awake longer to keep conversing, because I was having such a good time.
  • From Jeff
    Nick and his best friend Dave stayed with us overnight and turned out to be a coupla awesome guys! They were friendly, smart and they made a most excellent dinner salad and pulled pork sandwiches. I would highly recommend and vouch for these guys as they ARE CS at its finest!