Curing Acne

I had acne through my teenage years and early 20s. It sucked. It wasn’t as bad as some kids, but I had a lot. I tried so many different products and ‘get rid of acne now’ schemes but sadly nothing worked!

I won’t list all the failures. Suffice to say, many of the products made my face super sensitive or completely dry out. Sure, flakey skin may be cool for mummies and zombies, but not for a high school geek like myself.

I found benzoyl peroxide to work well for spot treatment. However, it all pales in comparison to the following:

  • Completely removing bad food from my diet. Seriously, stop eating greasy, fried stuff and only drink water and tea (i.e stop drinking soda-pop). Oh, also, for good measure: eat more greens. Changing what I ate cleared up my acne ‘like a boss’.
  • Moisturize. I thought my skin was super oily (after all, that’s why I got acne right?) According to some stuff I read at the time, the oil is produced because my face recognizes it’s dry. So, if I preempt my face sensors (bare with me here), by moisturizing my face, it won’t create all that oil. What about blocking my pores? Well, I don’t really know how to explain it, but I’m telling you, it worked for me. I still use the all natural Aveeno moisturizer.

Also, please take solace in the fact that things do get better 🙂 Also, life isn’t all about looks 😉