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Last month, I hosted my first murder mystery party. It was a blast! When I was preparing for the party, I was surprised by the lack of free murder mystery party plans. There are several websites who will gladly sell you well thought out mystery events but there are no free complete party plans! So, the purpose of this blog post is to explain how I planned my party and to share with you my Murder Mystery Party for free! The first part of the blog post is explaining the event and its outcome. You will find all copies of the emails and character information I sent to my detectives at the bottom of this post. 

The Murder Mystery

I didn’t have a lot of time to plan the murder mystery, so I decided to let my sleuth detectives/party guests create their own character’s backstory. I figured if I let them own the character, they would be more invested in the party and they would roleplay their character. I was right.

I told everyone the party was casino themed. I never mentioned for anyone to buy props, but most of them did. We had wooden baseball bats, scuba gear, water guns, and even a fake earpeice! I was amazed that everyone dressed-up like their character. But, I am getting ahead of myself… The characters will be explained later in this post, first I must explain the scenario.

Since the party was to be a casino theme I decided to have the murder mystery take place in a swanky casino bar. I was the owner of said casino.

Here is the basic scenario of the murder mystery night: All of the people at the party were guests at my casino. Everyone has gathered into my casino bar for the star performer, the best Elvis impersonator in all of Vegas. As the show starts, a gun shot echoes throughout the bar. The curtain comes up, and Elvis goes down. The casino’s bar doors slam shut and everyone in the bar is now a suspect to the murder of the Elvis impersonator.

The guests must deduce who the murderer is. In order to win the prize they must make an accusation and tell me: WHO committed the murder, HOW they committed the murder and WHY they committed the murder. Some of the investigators had clues, these clues helped form the correct accusation. Some of the clues were not important to the murder mystery but would provide back story to some characters and lead some detectives on the wrong line of investigation.

I will now explain the events that led up the murder, this information is for your eyes only and will help explain the murderer’s intentions at the end of the night. This story can be determined through combining the clues, this will be explained later. One of the characters is ‘The singing coach’. He has been married to his wife for 15 years and has an excellent reputation in Las Vegas for turning no-name singers into stars. He has been teaching the Elvis impersonator for the last 5 months. The singing coach is at the casino bar on a weekly basis, watching Elvis perform. During the last 5 months the teacher and his protege began an affair with each other. Elvis wanted the coach to leave his wife and start a relationship with him. Coach promised Elvis he would, but he was lieing, he never intended to leave his wife. A week before the murder, Elvis threatens to expose the love affair. That night at the bar the coach sees “The Gun Nut” has left his trusty revolver on the table. He takes the revolver and promptly leaves. A week later the Coach uses the stolen gun to shoot and kill Elvis on stage. Since everyone is watching the stage no one sees the Coach fire the gun and he blends into the crowd.

How will your murder mystery guests every deduce this story? By following the clues.

  • The Escort”’s clue: “Elvis once paid the Escort to accompany him to a wedding. The escort tried to fool around with Elvis afterwards but he was not interested.” This clue is meant to imply Elvis is gay.
  • The Gun Nut”’s clue: “You lost your gun at the casino bar last week.” This clue is meant to imply any regular could have the gun, guests that have never been to the casino before will not have been able to grab the gun.
  • The Reporter”’s clue: “The reporter has been following Elvis for a story and he found out that Elvis was in a relationship with someone who was married.” This clue implies that guests who are not married would not have murdered Elvis.
  1. Is this character a regular at the casino?
  2. Is this character married?
  • Explicitly tell all guests that they are not the murder, there were some characters I created that were red harrings, (i.e: characters that could be the murder, but actually are not) and they thought they were the murderer.
  • Stress the importance of working together as a group to determine the murder’s identity, method and motive. Combining clues is the only way to determine these three facts. I also suggest acting as the lead detective if no one else takes the initiative. Simply asking: “What clues do we have and who would that rule out?” was excellent for narrowing down the pool of suspects.
  • the gun nut will tell everyone he left his gun at the club a week before (so any regular can take it)
  • The escort went on a paid date with Elvis and Elvis was not interested in her at all, he didn`t even fool around with her. This is supposed to suggest Elvis is having a relationship with another man, i`m not sure if they will pick up on this.
  • The reporter knows that Elvis was in a relationship with someone who is married, I am hoping most people will think he is having a relationship with a women, but in fact he is having the relationship with a man.

Subject: Your detective skills are requested for a Murder Mystery Party
Imagine this:

  • WHO is the murderer
  • WHY did she or he commit the murder
  • HOW did they commit the murder

Note: Some other guests have guns with them, they are meant to throw the investigators off the trail of the coach. However, if your party guests are wasting too much time trying to prove another guest with a gun is the murderer you can release the following clue: “The Gun Nut’s gun was the murder weapon”.

So combining these three clues your guests should have a suspect profile in mind: a married person who has been to the casino before.

Each character will have the following two characteristics in their profile:

Using these two traits and the suspect profile the majority of the suspects will be eliminated.

Email Templates and Character Information

The last section of this blog post contains Email templates and character information.

Have fun hosting your murder mystery party! Please, leave a comment and let me know how it went!

Here is a video of clips from the night:

Mandatory Core Characters:

Investigator/reporter You are a resident bad boy and have earned quite a reputation for his ability to try any underhanded trick you can think of to get the latest scoop. Of course, your methods aren’t always legal…but that only matters if you get caught, right?

Note: You have never been to the casino before.

Clue: You have been following Elvis for a story and you know that he was in a relationship with someone who was married.

The Gun Nut You own several guns. You and your wife are a die-hard Elvis fans and you believe this Elvis impersonator is terrible since you have seen him before. You have been to several of his other shows and heckle him on and off stage. You are NOT the murderer.

Clue: You lost your gun at the casino bar last week.

Escort you attend to a good number of Cinema Magic’s most esteemed guests. You pride yourself on your class and would never associate with a hussie from the street.

Clue:Elvis once paid the Escort to accompany him to a wedding. The escort tried to fool around with Elvis afterwards but he was not interested.

Recently Fired Gladiator Actor: You and Elvis used to be best friends.You were previously employed by the casino to entertain the gamblers. Elvis ratted you out to the owner for drinking on the job. One night in a drunken stupor you told the dancer that you were going to stab Elvis in the back, like Brutus stabbed Ceaser.

The Singing Coach: You are the murderer.

You must tell others: You are a singing coach who has been coaching Elvis with his voice. You give him private lessons and are frequently at the casino to critique and watch him. You are married to your wife (who is not at the casino tonight).

You don`t have to tell people these next secrets but you CANNOT contradict them. You were in a sexual relationship with Elvis. You promised Elvis you would leave your wife for him but never intended to. Elvis learns you wont ever leave your wife and threatens to expose your love affair. You take the Gun Nut`s gun (he forgot it at the casino bar one night) and shoot Elvis when the curtain rises. You sneak away into the crowd and join the confusion.

Other people will have clues that may identify you:

Filler Characters

Bouncer You take care of a good majority of the owner`s dirty work. Although loyal, you are not very bright but very friendly. You are a bachelor. The professor is a regular at the casino and you are friends with him.

Clue: You know the scuba diver and Retired Cop are carrying guns because you patted them down as they entered.

Second act: Sugar-sweet, full of himself/herself and never seen without a purse-full of pills to get through the night.

Clue: You wanted to hang out with Elvis later tonight for late night drinks but he told you he was busy, he had to tell someone something.

Depressed Director is so depressed, and stays that way to inspire art. He directs all the shows at the Cinema Magic Hotel and goes so far as to call each one a “picture,” as if he was really creating a movie with each one. You has a habit of dragging down the party with his depressed whining and tends to overreact when people comment. “It feeds me,” he says, and walks away in a huff.

Clue: Elvis constantly ridiculed you and your art.

Dancer You have been a dancer since she was three years old. Your a showgirl for the hotel. You dream of being an opening act because she longs for broadway and you carry pictures of yourself from plays and pageants (don’t actually need pictures, this is just for backstory.). Your character is full of herself and will always lets anyone know when she enters or leaves a room, and sometimes throws in a little dance step for good measure.

Clue: ‘the recently fired gladiator actor’ was drunk and told you that he was going to kill Elvis by stabbing him in the back, like Brutus stabbed Ceaser.

The Lawyer is a up and coming lawyer and is on a trip to Las Vegas. You are slick, suave, and never go anywhere without a fresh shave, an expensive haircut and a shiny new pair of shoes. You have the reputation for being one of the finest lawyers in all of Ashton.

Clue: You hired Elvis for a corporate gig, and Elvis showed up drunk. You looked like a fool in front of the senior partners. You did not know Elvis was a performer at this casino until he saw his face on posters!

Scuba Diver / The Assassin: You are a hitman. Your cover is a scuba diver. You were NOT hired to kill Elvis or anyone else at the casino. You are simply here to gamble and have a relaxing weekend. You have a gun with you.

Clue: You were talking with the bartender during the shooting. This is your alibi for not shooting Elvis.

You can play this however you like, you can reveal you are an assassin in any way you would like.

Caped Crusader by day you are a very socially awkward individual. However you have an alter ego as a caped crusader crime fighter. You can play this any way you wish 🙂

Retired Cop You worked as a cop in newyork for 30 years.

Clue: You are retired and have lots of money because of your pension and an injury insurance payout from when you were shot in the arm on duty. You always carry your glock (police issued pistol).

UFO Conspiracy Nut You are convinced Aliens exist. You think aliens are responsible for the murder of Elvis.

Famous Cricket Player: You are a famous cricket player that does not know any of the rules, you have been faking it the whole time. In spite of this you are a remarkably good cricket player.

The Professor You are a professor at a local college. You are trying your luck at card counting. You are at the casino quite regularly and have made friends with the bouncer. He is very friendly.

Clue:You were talking with the bouncer when the gun went off. He is not the murderer.

Owner of Diner You have tried to hire Elvis to play at your 70s diner for over a year now. You came down to the casino to persuade him to play at your diner.

Clue: You came on the same LasVegas flight as the lawyer.

Template Emails

Invitation Email

You are a guest at an upscale Casino in Las Vegas. You have very rare tickets to the best night of excitement on the strip: the famous Elvis Impersonator. Its eight o’clock and everyone has gathered into the swanky casino bar for the star performer, the best Elvis impersonator of all time. As the show starts, a gun shot echoes throughout the bar. The curtain comes up, and Elvis goes down. The casino’s bar doors slam shut and everyone in the bar is now a suspect.

You are requested at the party to determine which of our friends is the murderer. Throughout the night you can talk to any of the suspects to see who they are and determine if they are the murderer.

One person will be the murderer, if you are not the murderer you can try and trick everyone into believing you are, or you can simply hunt for the murderer.

I will be giving everyone playing a short character back story, this will be arriving in your email box on Thursday. I encourage you to develop your character as much as you want. I`ve given you a lot of room to be creative with the character, the more you shape the character`s back-story the more believable it will be. Some of the character back stories will contain clues which you must tell everyone else at the party. Piece together enough clues and you may find the murderer.

In order to guess who the murderer is you must answer me these questions three:

Each person will be allowed one guess at 10pm and one guess at 11pm. All guesses will be made publicly. The first person to correctly guess these three questions will get a prize.

Party Details



Suggestions: Come dressed in typical upscale casino attire

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

-Sherlock Holmes

Character Profile

Subject: Murder Mystery Character

Good afternoon,

Just a quick email with your character information. But first, just a bit of important information about the party. It is best if everyone roll-plays their character, if you are uncomfortable with the character I assign you please let me know and I can do some switching around 🙂 Its meant to be a fun time for all!

Also, as you know, every character has a backstory, I encourage you to develop your backstory as much as you would like. Some characters have a Clue section. You must share the information in this clue section with the other guests throughout the evening. You cannot lie or withhold this clue information.

Congratulations you will be the….

***[Character Name]***



Very few of us are what we seem.”-Agatha Christie

Note for reader: You must put in the Character Name, Backstory and Clue for each email you send (see section above for this information

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  1. You are a god sent!!! I am trying to do this for my birthday next month! But can this be done on a budget? And where did you come up with the backstory for each character? Thank you!

    • Sorry Patia, I’ve fixed the blog post, all of the emails I sent out can be found at the bottom of the blog post.

  2. Do you have any good advice on how to plan a very small murder mystery party? I want to plan one for 7 people including myself. There will be no dinner just solving the murder. How should I go about making the clues?

    • Hi Nick. My husband is an Explorer Scout leader with eight 14-18 year old members. Meetings last for one and a half hours (or can be longer). We thought a murder mystery would be great to promote many skills and were wondering if you had any basic scenarios which would be suitable for them.

      • I want to move to Alaska. How do I go about doing this? How much money should I have saved up beorfe attempting to do so? I know I need to have a job and a living arrangement set up, but what about all my stuff? Just replace it or get new stuff? Should I get rid of my car and just wait to get a new one? So many question, I can’t think of everything I need to know. Please help.

  3. Hi Nick!

    I was hoping to plan a murder mystery and would like to thank you for your share – which sounds like it would be a blast.

    Quick question, you mentioned that there is a second part to the blog where I can access character information and emails, looks like it requires a login to access that, wondering if you could tell me how I can get that part as well?

    That would be very much appreciated!!


    • Hi Shirline, sorry, I goofed up! I fixed the blog post, all of the extra information can be found at the bottom of the blog post. Thanks for your interest!

  4. Hello everyone, thank you for your feedback. All Character information and emails are included at the bottom of this blog post. I have updated the opening paragraph to make this more clear. I hope all of your parties were fun! Glad to help. Would love to hear how they turned out!

  5. I would love to play this game with my girl friends if I could write it. You did a great job! The link to the character profiles does not work. I would be so grateful if you would take a look at it. Thanks, Mary

    • Hi Mary, I think I fixed everything now, please let me know if you have any other problems and I’ll fix them right away.

  6. Hi, Nick. Thanks for the party plan; it was great. BUT WE MADE IT BETTER. Our professor character (1) came wearing a shirt from the local casino because she literally lost the shirt off her back at the blackjack table, and (2) decided to be Lisa Marie Presley in disguise, which added a lot of flair to the party. We decided it would also be great if Lisa Marie was a serial killer, focusing on Elvis impersonators. Then, one of the characters could be an Elvis Impersonating Ingénue who is visiting the casino to learn from Elvis and gets killed halfway through the party because Lisa Marie is crazy. Anyway, thanks again; we all had a lot of fun.

  7. THANK YOU. This seems like fun and I’m going to do it this June to celebrate the end of finals. I’m Spanish, so I’m going to translate everything for my friends. So, I wondered if you would want the translation. If that is the case, where can I send it to you? Again: thank you for publishing for free this game 🙂

    • Heck Yes! Elmith! If you could translate it in Spanish I’d be happy to host that version as well! Or! Perhaps you can host it on your own blog and I can link to it? Whichever is easiest for you. If you’d like me to put it on my blog you can send the translation to

      Thanks for the effort and I hope you have a great June party!

      • Thank you so much Nick! This sounds so great! I am going to host this murder mystery party with a group of international friends whose common language is Spanish. Did you ever receive the version in Spanish from Elmith? If so, could you please email it to me? It would save me so much time if it was already translated! Thanks again!

  8. Hey,
    How long did this take for your guests to solve… it sounds fun to do but I will only have a short time to do it???

    • Hi Aly,

      Once they got down to the nitty gritty and after I provided some helpful hints, my friends solved it in about 30 minutes. However, during the party we had many different activities, some people were drinking, some were playing cards, some where chatting, and some were actively trying to solve the mystery.

  9. I need to thank you sooo much for this! but I do have a few questions on the whole thing.
    1.) Should I tell all of the guests right from the beginning as a sort of announcement that they all aren’t the murderer?
    2.)Before hand should I meet with the actual murderer and explain his character?
    3.) Should I post the hints somewhere so everyone can keep coming back to them?
    I would love it if you could get back to me asap, because I’m doing this at the last minuet and this is the best story I’ve found. Thanks again!

    • Hi Maddie, Thank you for taking the time to read it! Apologies on the late-ish reply!

      1) That’s a great idea.
      2) I sent all the party goers the character backgrounds a week before the party. This was to make sure they would be comfortable playing their characters. Should you meet with the murderer and explain the character? Sure!
      3) Great idea!

      Let me know how it goes! It seems like you’re well on your way to having a great party!

    • Hi Lu, there are no links or downloads! All the content to send via email can be found at the bottom of the post.

  10. Hello there, You are my hero!! I have been trying to arrange this for ages now… for a year I have known that this what I want to do, but have not got it together to do it and here you have done all the work for me!
    It will be my 40th on the 31st of August and with your help it is going to be a splendid success!!
    Thank you

    • Hi Michelle, Thank you for writing this comment. Best wishes on being 40 years young, I hope you and your loved ones have a GREAT time on August 31st. 🙂 Write back to let me know how the party goes!

  11. Thank you so much for this information. I wanted to have this game for my 1920s themed birthday party but the ones I’ve found in the internet are too costly. This is rally a great help.

  12. Hi, so I have been searching for the free scenarios glad I found this. However, I was wondering if you could help with suggestions.
    I am hosting a mary kay makeup party for 30 guests. How would I tweek this one to theme around some kind of glamour(make up artist)?? I am rushed for time, anything would help.
    Thank you!

    • Glad to help Brittany! Hmmm, I don’t have a lot of experience with Mary Kay Makeup parties. If you think of anything, write a blog post about it and I’ll be glad to link to it 🙂

    • Hi Jemma,

      I’m a little pressed for time at the moment, but if you’d like to add some and write a blog post about it, I’d gladly link to it 🙂

  13. Hey Nick.
    I was wondering how much the party costed. I don’t have enough space in my house and would have rent a place, so I was hoping to see how much the regular party was itself. Also what can I use as a prize. This party is going to be for my fourteenth bday party in December. Also are there any characters that I can take out so that there are about eleven ppl.
    Thx Luke G.

    • Hey Luke,

      All of the Mandatory Core Characters must be present, however you’re free to not remove any of the Filler Characters.

      I actually ran this party as a fundraiser, so my costs were extremely minimal. Get some food (nacho chips and salsa? crackers and cheese? an assortment of fruit?) and drinks (pop/soda and chocolate milk) and you’ll be good to go.

      When choosing a prize the world is your oyster. Maybe a construction paper ribbon that says: “Best Detective”?

      I’d check with your parents to make sure the game is appropriate to run for your 14th birthday (particularly the bit about the coach’s affair).

      Have a great time Luke and Happy 14th Birthday.

  14. None of the links will open for me. Will you please email me everything? Thank you so much, I love the idea. Also, any of the ones I find for larger groups seem to have only a few characters and everyone else is a detective. Not nearly as fun.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Keilani, everything needed for this murder mystery dinner is outlined in the blog post. There are NO LINKS. The underlined text are sections headers.

      Thanks for the kind words!
      Have a great time with it and let me know how it goes 🙂

    • Hi Paula, Glad to hear you had fun with your weekend! Everything needed for this murder mystery dinner is outlined in the blog post. There are NO LINKS. The underlined text are sections headers. 🙂

  15. Hi Nick,

    I believe this would tie in perfectly with our Harlem Nights Party, could please emaile the content. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Just a few quick questions. How do the character reveal their clue? What questions do or can the detectives ask? Is it more that the character reveal their background without being asked? Are the remaining party guest the detectives? I just am trying to put the piece together to have a successful party. Thanks.

    • Hey Rodd! At my party, EVERYONE is a detective. Everyone has a role, and everyone is a detective. Some people won’t be as excited to play along, so just give them one of the minor roles. The people who wanted to figure out the mystery banded together, everyone shared their clues and it was one big collaborative effort to find the murderer.

      Good luck and let me know how the party goes.

    • not to worry about it until I’m a senior (I’m a shoopmore). But on the other hand my English teacher last year always told us to start planning now by doing portfolios and gathering college information. I’m not in a hurry or anything. I just wanted to know if I should prepare in any other way than studying, keeping up a high GPA, and taking those practice ACT and SAT tests.

  17. Hi,

    Thank you for your blog! 🙂 Im gonna throw a Bday murder party Feb14. Its gonna be the first time for me and my guests, keep your fingers crossed 🙂

    regards from Poland

  18. This all sounds great and what I need to host a murder mystery dinner on New Year’s Eve. Your website links for the info needed do not work??? Can you email the info to me please?! I would appreciate it! New Year’s Eve is close and I should have sent out this info last week.

  19. Hi can you please email me the info, i’m hoping to do this for newyears eve, well done excellent blog…i really hope it works out!

  20. THANKS! This was a huge success for our New Years Bash this year. Everyone came in character, we had a disco ball, and loved the Casino Theme.

  21. There was a party in greenwood town, Everyone was having a blast
    then we heard a screem. some ran to see what happend some stayed.
    there was a man coverd in blood stabed 3 times now we need to find the killer.
    to find out we need to know who,why. the police found out who the man that got killed
    was. blake jonnard. the events that led up to the murder.
    blake was a father to 2 and loving husben. he had one eniemy jhon smith.
    he was not at the party or in the contrey at the time.
    the police asked his wife karry jonnard if he had any other enemys
    she said there alon smith but he was not at tha party at the time either.
    blake worked at the police office and his only arrest was goldern inth. he got
    arrested for theating a police officer and said he would kill blake the day he got arrested. the day before blake got murdered
    goldern got out of jail and wanted to celerbrate. is goldern the murderur.
    2 years have passed and no clues but on january 12 one police found a print on blakes walet.
    it was goldern’s. but we needed more and we found more. the knife
    i had one finger print and it was goldern’s finger print!
    we arrested goldern and he went on trail and was covected non-guilty. we needed more! a year later an eye whitness told us that he was recording the party
    and seen goldern holding a bloody knife and blake on the floor bleeding gasping for air.goldern put his knife in his bag. we arrested goldern one more time and went on trail
    and goldern gold sentenced to life in prison. when we tryied to put him in jail he ran away and we cought him know he gets the death penelty.

    My murder mysery

  22. I would love to do this soon but your links don’t work anymore.
    Can you send it to me or update your links?

    Thanks a bunch!

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  23. Thanks you for taking the time to share this, it is very generous of you. What a fantastic story too :). I would like to plan one and seem to be missing some details/links discussed above. Would anyone be so kind to email these to be? Could I also ask how you all decorated your house to make it as effective as possible. Thank you for your help in advance.
    Sophie xx

  24. Thank you so much, I have been having the same problem – getting free ideas. It is hard to know whether or not it is something that I could take on. You have totallty inspired me, it makes so much sense now that I have seen an outline, and I will def pay it forward by putting mine online for free too!

  25. Thank you so much for generously sharing a wonderful murder mystery. My daughter is at Uni and asked me to organise one for her birthday so everyone could take part and I would be the only one to know who the murderer was. It worked a treat even with me being in another city! Your emails were invaluable and it was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Your character ideas were brilliant and very inspired!

    • I want to move to Alaska. How do I go about doing this? How much money should I have saved up berfoe attempting to do so? I know I need to have a job and a living arrangement set up, but what about all my stuff? Just replace it or get new stuff? Should I get rid of my car and just wait to get a new one? So many question, I can’t think of everything I need to know. Please help.

  26. Hi
    I am hoping to hold one of these nights as a charity fund raiser I note that you mention links to emails etc but as mentioned by another person above the links are underlined not an actual link

    Is it possible for you to share the mails you mentioned Like you I am surprised with the lack of free scripts and as I am trying to cut costs to raise as much as possible a free script even if i have to do it myself would be great


  27. Thank you so much for this!!!, it is just what I was looking for. I am using this idea as a surprise party for my husbands 40th next month, you rock!!!!!

  28. Hello is there any way I could make this for loads more people as I am planning a murder mystery party for my high school and I have a very low budget I am also making it a murder themed disco so do you have any ideas on how I could do this thanks x please reply asap as I do not have much time to plan it x

  29. Thank you very much for the murder mystery plan. I hosted this past weekend and everyone had a great time. I was a bit worried near the end as people seemed to be stuck as one character did not read their clue quite right and said “married woman” which threw people off at first. Thanks again for sharing.

  30. Hi,

    All the filler characters have clues, do these clues need to be re-distributed if I am not using all of the characters?


  31. I live in South Africa and have been looking for a murder mystery kit for over a month now! Can’t even buy one here! Please help!

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  33. This is something unique and I must say people will like to plan their own party that may be a murder mystery party or something else. All it takes is money to expend on it. I mean People like me would prefer something less expensive or a little reliable party plan for the one.

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  35. Nick, I was wondering if you could VERY QUICKLY help make an outline for a Wild West themed murder. It should be for 11 people including me. Pleeeaaaase help! Thanks.

  36. Hi,

    What is the schedule for the night? I’m not sure how to set the night out? can you give me any advise?
    I really like you plan i think t = is much more entertaining than the ones you have to pay loads of money for!

  37. Nick
    Thanks so much for the great outline for the Murder Mystery. I did it last Friday for Halloween and it was a BIG hit! I assigned character that fit the guests perfectly and made up additional characters for the extra people I had. Everyone totally got into their role. The only thing I felt I needed to do better was to define if the character was married or not. That was the only confusing part for the guests. BTW I have wanted to do this for years and have searched online for a FREE one. Like you said -you would think you could find one so I was thrilled this year when I found your outline. THANKS SO MUCH

    • We are planning a party for our tween & wanted to do a Titanic Mystery. do you have any suggestions on a way to simplify the above for tweens or a formula to follow to write your own for tweens? (I’m having problems on how to simplify & streamline murder mysteries for this age.)

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  39. We just played this over the weekend. It was a friend’s birthday and she asked me to set up a murder mystery. I found this and it was perfect. Nobody solved the case correctly, since the person playing the murderer didn’t reveal his clues properly, but nobody cared. They all had a blast! We had 22 people playing so I had to come up with a couple extra roles, but following your template, it was super easy. Thanks so much!

  40. Awesome! Thanks for the share! Did you ever receive the translated Spanish version? I would love it if you could forward it to me. Thank you again!

  41. Excellent template, thanks! I’m planning a steampunk mini conference and need entertainment for the sponsor/vendor dinner, this will be perfect! I’m changing the casino to a black tie charity gambling fete and making the entertainer a famous tenor/lothario from Monte Carlo. The template allows for plenty of expansion and I’ll encourage my guests to develop their own characters within the parameters of the era and venue.

  42. Just wanted to let you know that, 4 years on, this template is still really helping people out!

    I’m using it with a slight twist though – I’m hosting my third-ever Dungeons and Dragons night for some friends, and wanted a break from the usual fantasy, dragon-slaying shennanigans, so i’ve decided they’re going to visit a “pleasure town”, and have to solve a mystery while they’re there.

    Your post was immensely helpful at providing a base to expand on! 🙂

    • I want to e925move to Alaska. How do I go about doing this? How much money should I have saved up bferoe attempting to do so? I know I need to have a job and a living arrangement set up, but what about all my stuff? Just replace it or get new stuff? Should I get rid of my car and just wait to get a new one? So many question, I can’t think of everything I need to know. Please help.

  43. I am really interested in using your murder mystery story to host my own party. I cannot seem to find the links that you spoke about. Can you help me with that please?

    • I’m interested in using this casino murder mystery for a fund raiser in October 2015 I cannot find the links for the templates or links. Can you email them to me? Thanks Joyce

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  45. Thank you so much for this! I’m hosting a MM night for Halloween in my pub and the budget isn’t huge, delighted to find a free and really helpful guide x

  46. You story is awesome to entertain of inspire myself to arrange a fantastic murder mystery party. I have read many book & magazines about murder mystery but your story is more entertaining. Last year our group organized a party in Scotland, where we enjoyed our best moments. That was my first party with my best friends. I learnt many thing to my first party and i wrote a blog about

  47. Thank you so much for this! I will be using this Saturday for my bestie’s 30th! I am changing Elvis to Celine Dion- her favie and adapting for an all female group! Thanks again and I will let you know how it goes! SUPER EXCITED!

  48. Thank you so much. I’m planning my daughters 11th birthday party and this is what she wants to do. Like you I couldn’t find anything that gave me details on how to do this without paying for it. Thank you!!!

  49. Awesome party plan. I have one question that I see conflicting information about. In your description above you mention to “explicitly tell guests they are not the murderer” but in the character description for the coach it states they are the murderer. Do I tell the person who is playing that character that they are the murderer or do they figure that out on their own during the game? I’ve never played one of these before. Thanks.

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  51. Planning a Valentines Progressive Party in my townhome community with several of the neighbors. We would like to have a murder mystery twist to the evening. Any suggestions?

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  53. Planning to do this on a senior class trip of a conservative school. Would like to have Elvis impersonator be a WOMAN disguised – starting a new life after going into the witness protection program. Looking forward to using your obviously popular material, Nick, but I still don’t see anything at the end of this blog to click on…

  54. This is amazing! It’s so hard to find Murder mystery all written out and free to use! It’s very clear and not to complicated! With some little adaptations it will be perfect to play at my summer camp! thank you!

  55. I am regular reader, howw are you everybody? Thiis piece of writing posted
    at this web page is in fact good.

  56. This looks so interesting – I am planning on using this for a business team builder so, needless to say, I will have to tweak some of this to keep it appropriate for business. I will be happy to share modifications and how it went after our event in a couple months. Thank you for creating this and sharing it for free! Also, side note – if one more person says the links don’t work I may cry…. 🙂

  57. Wanted to say a massive thanks – just finished writing a Country & Western Murder Mystery for 38 adults (for my sisters 40th next May) – Searched for weeks for hints n tips and found them to be really costly and only suitable for small groups. I used your plan and adjusted to suit my own party theme – just read it through with my hubby and he is shocked at how good it is – I am over the moon, thought it would be an absolute nightmare but it was straightforward with your help. Much appreciated ????

  58. I hosted a party with my friends using this plot and it was a HUGE hit! Thank you so much! We would love to do it again next year for Halloween. Any advice on how to create a new plot?

  59. Hi,
    I’m interested in doing this murder mystery. But I haven’t got a clue on how to start.
    I see all the character info there. Am I suppose to tell the person who’s character is the killer, that he is the killer? or is it something that gets figured out as the script goes on?

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  65. Hello Michelle!
    I was wondering if you could send me the templates? I have 15 people coming to my party on Saturday and have planned nothing! lol

  66. “*The Escort*’s clue: ‘Elvis once paid the Escort to accompany him to a wedding. The escort tried to fool around with Elvis afterwards but he was not interested.’ This clue is meant to imply Elvis is gay.”

    Or that he doesn’t like prostitution. Or that he doesn’t have sex with random strangers on the first date. And that’s just off the top of my head. My wife suggests that he might be depressed because one of the people being married is a former SO.

    “*The Gun Nut*’s clue: ‘You lost your gun at the casino bar last week.’ This clue is meant to imply any regular could have the gun, guests that have never been to the casino before will not have been able to grab the gun.”

    A real gun nut wouldn’t just leave his gun lying around. If he did lose it, he would either track it down himself (like the Dale Gribble kind of nut) or report it to the police as stolen (like an avid collector or NRA die-hard who trusts the government at least that much). What he wouldn’t do is simply ignore the loss.

    “*The Reporter*’s clue: ‘The reporter has been following Elvis for a story and he found out that Elvis was in a relationship with someone who was married.’ This clue implies that guests who are not married would not have murdered Elvis.”

    I’m bad at statistics, but even I won’t make that assumption. While that clue does imply that a married person is MORE LIKELY to be the killer, that doesn’t automatically mean that someone single didn’t do it. Being more likely doesn’t make it certain.

    Likewise with the Gun Nut’s clue. While it is MORE LIKELY that one of the regulars would have found the gun, that doesn’t mean some random passerby couldn’t have found it, especially if the regular who originally found it did a bad job trying to hide it somewhere. Likelihood isn’t certainty.

    Those clues do tell you which suspects to focus on, but they don’t eliminate any from consideration.

    I make sure new GameMasters learn one lesson above all others: If you plan for A, B, and C, your players will do D, so never make assumptions. Everyone’s brain is wired differently, which becomes especially clear when half of the roleplayers you’ve ever known are on the Autism spectrum. That fact is evidenced by the different conclusions my wife and I came to about the Escort’s clue. We’re both writers and gamers, and both big fans of Holmes, Poirot, and Castle, but even after nearly two decades together she still thought of a solution that would never have occurred to me.

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  69. Greetings,

    Some of the links (such as character sheet and invitation) aren’t working for me. 🙁

    I do a Downton Abbey dinner every year and have this year decided to make it a murder mystery. What you have outlined is awesome and as I was once a GM for Live Action Roll Playing and have a theatre background I am fairly confident I can carry this off. It’s a large party fundraiser this year of approx. 30 people taking place in October. Any other advice or ideas you can offer would certainly be welcome.

  70. Hi
    I am planning to use this awesome murder mystery (thank you!) and i want to set up a clue table.
    Any tips for pyshical clues i could set up?

  71. I am doing a Downtown Abbey Murder/Mystery dinner for Christmas – Would you be able to help with a script ? Its a first for me

    Many thanks

  72. I need the script for a very large friendsgiving party there is about 28 people that will be attending oue party is on nobember 4th

  73. I’m planning a murder mystery event at a high school reunion. I’m thinking one of your scripts would work. How do I get the free script etc.? I see where you have props etc. to buy.
    Would you have props for the casino game

  74. Hiya, thank you so much, I think you’ve just saved my life. I am in charge of team building for thirty entertainers an they want a Halloween murder mystery and this is perfect! Thank you!!is there any other information you think I might find helpful xx

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  77. This was so much fun! I did it just how you have it layed out and my friends ran with it! This was my first time ever throwing a party like this. Brilliant! Blessings.

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  79. i had noticed that there are only 5 main characters. i was planning to use this at a party with 6 of my friends then me but i cant use any of the extras with out having more people come to the party., this is still an amazing thing that you’ve written i really enjoy this and it will hopefully be very fun do you have any suggestions on what to do? should i make up my own character and tie them into the plot or something like that any ideas? Thank you

  80. Thank you for this!!
    I received notice from my friend three days before her birthday/graduation party that she wanted a murder mystery party for a group of 14. This was a total life saver! Tuesday I searched the internet, this was the only good mystery I could find for free for such a big group. Wednesday I sent out invitations, Thursday cleaned up the fine details, and Friday was the party. It went off great, everyone got much more into their characters and backstories than I could have hoped for and I think having such a short prep time actually helped in everyone not overthinking their characters and props. Our UFO Theorist showed up in a tin foil lined hat, our Fired Actor arrived with a full size (fake) sword, and our Dancer arrived in a full evening gown and heavy handed stage makeup. It was very off the cuff and at the end of the night everyone agreed they had a great time. Although no one actually guessed the how, why, and who correctly all together it was still an excellent evening. I think we’ll be taking this sort of set up to create new themes and mysteries in the future. But thank you, this was a excellent game and all of us appreciate you sharing!

  81. I am having a party and I told suggested everyone come in 1920’s attire. I would like to have a murder mystery party, but do not want anyone to know until they get to the party. Do you think this is possible? I would love to talk this through with you.

  82. Hi,

    Your idea is great and just right for our upcoming office event. I would like to ask for help on how we can execute it properly. Need your thoughts and expertise, please.

    I’d really like to talk to you about this.

    Thanks in advance!

  83. Thank you for your Casino theme Murder Mystery Party. I am planning it now for Halloween. I hosted a couple of mystery parties a few years ago and had so much fun. I am so looking forward to this one. thanks again for your generosity, free works for me! Trish

  84. Thanks Nick,

    I’ve translated this plot into Dutch, my native language, so we can play this murder mystery on new years eve



  85. Hello,
    Would you be able to email me an information pack for this? Would like to try and host one of these.

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  89. Hey not sure this site is still working but when do you tell the singing coach they are the murdered and am is uspoosed to tell people where they were at the time of the shooting/.

  90. This is so awesome! Thanks for your hard work. We have a large party and more people wanted to get involved so I came up with more characters:

    Congratulations you will be the….

    Cocktail waitress: you are a flirty waitress always looking for a sugar daddy and have a bad meth problem. You serve all the casino regulars and are friends with the other staff.
    Clue: The escort told you that her date with Elvis didn’t go well.

    Pitt boss: you are the pit boss at the blackjack tables. You have a bad habit of telling dad jokes and are friendly with the regulars and drunk gamblers. You have a long standing feud with the bouncer because you’ve won the karaoke contest 9 years in a row and the bouncer came in last year and stole the show.
    Clue: You saw the gun-nut (a casino regular) leave their gun at the casino bar last week

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