Why I’m Riding in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

Too many people I love have been affected by cancer, this disease  is terrible, it must be stopped at all costs.

I have thought this for several years, but I never knew what I could do to help. This year I’m trying something new. My friends and I are going to ride in the Enbridge¬†Ride to Conquer Cancer(TM) 200KM bike ride. Its a hugely successful fundraiser that benefits the Princess Margaret Teaching Hospital in Toronto.

I understand that cancer cannot be beaten with $1000 or even a couple million, its is an advanced disease that has many forms. However, I do know that the money you donate will also be applied to improving patient care, and from what I’m told, Princess Margaret has EXCELLENT patient care.

They money helps patients, putting this in more realistic terms: the money you donate will allow grandfathers and grandmothers to play with their grandchildren a little longer.

Please help me by donating anything you think is reasonable. If you can’t, thats not a problem, all I ask is you forward my request to 5 different people you know.


Thank you for your support,

-Nick Breen