My Trip to the Gun Range

Last Sunday my friends and I went to a gun range. First things first: sign this waiver that signs away any right to sue the range for any reason and also warns me of the immediate danger I am placing myself in. Oh. and don’t forget: Always point the gun DOWN range, bad stuff happens if you don’t. Okay. got it! Easy.

What follows is a fun-filled 3 hours and 200 bullets are shot between us four guys. A little over $100, so $25 a┬ápiece, not bad. Thats the price of a movie ticket and popcorn. You don’t get to fire at pictures of Zombies at the movies do you?! Well…. you actually do fire at zombies in the arcade games at AMC… but…. its a lazer gun, not a bullet gun.

The range we shot at was Wade’s Eastside Guns:

The gun range was a lot of fun and they let me video tape. Plus, our instructor was informative. I made a video documenting the experience using Windows Live Movie Maker and put it on Youtube:

Talk to you soon.